Ac tonnage by square feet? (2024)

Ac tonnage by square feet?

1,201 to 1,500 square feet homes should use 2.5 tons. If your home size is higher than the number above but is less not more than 1,800 square feet, you can go for a three-ton A/C.

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How many tons of AC do I need per square foot?

Typical Tonnage by SQFT
1,450 to 1,7003
1,750 to 1,9003.5
1,950 to 2,2004
2 more rows

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How many square feet will a 2.5 ton AC unit cool?

1,201 to 1,500 square feet homes should use 2.5 tons. If your home size is higher than the number above but is less not more than 1,800 square feet, you can go for a three-ton A/C.

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How many ton AC do I need for 2400 sq ft?

A 2,400-square-foot home would need a four-ton unit. Again, there are 2.5-ton and 3.5-ton units in case your square footage doesn't work out perfectly for a two- or three-ton unit, for instance.

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What size air conditioner do I need for 1500 sq ft house?

What size air conditioner do I need for a 1,500 square foot house? A 2.5 ton air conditioner is best because about 30,000 BTU is needed for a house that's 1,500 square feet.

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How many sq ft will a 3 ton AC cool?

Is a 3-ton air conditioner enough for my house? Apart from the capacity of the air conditioner, you also need to account for things like your climate, house size, and existing insulation. In general, a 3-ton air conditioner will work well in an area of around 1,200 square feet.

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How many sq ft will a 5 ton AC unit cool?

2,500-3,300 square feet

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What happens if AC is too big?

Air conditioners that are too big consume more energy, endure more wear and tear, and simply don't work as well or as long as an appropriately sized unit. This can cause higher utility bills, more repairs, and discomfort in your home.

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Can 2 ton AC cool two rooms?

To avoid calculations, the rule of thumb says a 1 ton AC covers up to 100 square feet, 1.5-ton covers around 180 square feet and a 2 ton AC can cool up to 240 square feet of space.

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How big a house will a 2 ton air conditioner cool?

For those of you that don't understand the way AC systems work, a 2-ton unit typically provides cooling for about 900-1,400 square feet of space – give or take.

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Is it better to undersize or oversize AC?

While an AC's capacity typically matches its energy usage, an undersized air conditioner will use more power simply because it is likely to run continuously, barely stopping for breath.

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Will a bigger AC unit cool my house faster?

An “oversized” air conditioner will cool your house quicker, but it will use more electricity and will not remove humidity adequately. Contrary to popular belief – and intuition – long AC system run cycles are far more desirable and energy efficient than short-run cycles.

Ac tonnage by square feet? (2024)

Is it better to have one big AC or two small ones?

And if you want to cool a large, open L- or T-shaped space, you're better off with two smaller units rather than one large one. “The goal is to keep the cold air from pooling on the floor,” explains Hank Rutkowski, director of technical affairs for the Washington, D.C.-based Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

How many square feet will a 2 ton AC cover?

A 2-ton split AC is best suited for larger rooms, measuring up to 240 sq. ft of space.

How big should AC unit be for 1800 sq ft house?

Here's some math: You need around 20 BTUs per square foot, which is equivalent to 0.0016 tons. For example, a 600-square-foot space requires a 12,000 BTU or 1-ton unit. By those calculations, an average 1,800-square-foot house would need a 3-ton central air conditioning unit.

How much AC do I need for 1800 sq ft house?

Air Conditioner Sizing by Home Size
Home SizeAC Size (BTUs)AC Size (Tons)
1,400–1,600 square feet24,0002
1,600–1,800 square feet27,0002.25
1,800–2,000 square feet30,0002.5
2,000–2,200 square feet33,0002.75
3 more rows
Apr 11, 2023

What is the thumb rule for AC tonnage calculation?

To estimate your AC tonnage needs, multiply the number of square feet you're cooling times 25. This equals the total number of BTUs you need to adequately cool your space. Next, divide that number by 12,000 to determine the tonnage capability you need in your new air conditioning unit.

How do I know if my AC unit is big enough?

Use these guidelines to find the appropriate BTU/hour rating. You need approximately 6,000 BTUs to cool an area under 300 square feet, 10,000 BTUs for 301 to 549 sqft., 16,000 BTUs for 550 to 999 sqft., 22,000 BTUs for 1,000 to 1,199 sqft., 30,000 BTUs for 1,500 to 1,999 sqft.

What size AC do I need for 3000 sq ft?

If you're wondering what size air conditioner do you need for a 3000 sq ft house. The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) recommends a cooling capacity of around 48,000 BTUs per hour or 3.5 to 4 tons for a house of this size.

How many square feet will a 10 ton AC unit cool?

When calculating residential cooling capacity, it's common to assume an HVAC unit can cool 400 square feet per ton of air conditioner capacity. Given the Las Vegas climate, this number can reach a maximum of about 600 square feet per ton of air conditioner for most buildings.

How many tons do I need for a 2000 square foot house?

For a 2,000 sq ft house, you need anywhere between 2.5-ton to 4.5-ton units (with an average of about 3-3.5 tons). For this capacity, you need either central air or ductless mini splits.

What size AC do I need for 5000 square feet?

If you have a 5,000-square-foot space, divide that number by 500 to get 10. 10 times 12,000 is 120,000 Btu. If four people work there, add 1,520 (380 Btu x 4). If the space has three windows, add 3,000 (1,000 Btu x 3).

Can you overwork your AC unit?

An overworked unit can cause you to feel uncomfortable. It may unable to cool your room evenly. Some spots may be too warm while the others are cool. This may happen because the unit is having a problem in replacing the hot air and circulating the cool air.

Is the higher the BTU better or worse?

A measure of an air conditioner's power is its BTU rating. BTUs are the energy used to remove heat from a room. Therefore, the more BTUs an air conditioner unit has, the better equipped it is to cool a larger space.

Can an AC be too powerful?

Too Hot or Too Cold Air

An HVAC system with excess capacity can heat or cool your home faster, but that speed often results in a couple of other issues. First, your home won't benefit from gradual, even heating and cooling. As a result, you could end up with a number of hot or cold spots throughout your home.


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